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The Best Camera Hard Cases

Take the uncertainty out of travelling with your gear with NANUK’s rugged, waterproof, dustproof and crush proof hard camera cases. Whatever life throws at you in adventures, you can be sure that your gear is safe within


 It is this diverse set of gear that will open the creative channels. This requires the photographer to travel through fast paced environments with a large amount of gear. Whether you’re transporting your mirrorless or DSLR camera, or perhaps a cine-focus video camera, you will likely require many peripheral items such as: lenses, batteries, microphones, stabilizers, memory cards and more. NANUK camera Hard Cases offer the most rugged and durable hard case options for your camera gear, in a vast range of sizes, layouts and colours. NANUK Hard Cases will give you peace of mind in the most demanding situations, knowing that the gear within will be organized, safe and protected, arriving ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. 

Take the hassle out of organization, knowing exactly where every piece of equipment is at all times, like a well sorted toolbox. NANUK camera Hard Cases provide an option for every camera, every build, allowing you to arrive and thrive on your next adventure. 

There are times that call for a hard case to be locked in order to keep gear out of the prying eyes and hands of others. NANUK has created a special system to achieve exactly that, with the TSA Power Claw latch system. Taking the tried-and-true Power Claw latch and adding an integrated TSA lock into the mix, results in the one-stop option for locked latch systems. You will no longer need to add additional padlocks or dangling TSA locks from the side of your cases. The TSA Power Claw latch takes protection and safety of your valuable gear to an entirely new level. 

With the vast need for different camera rigs and gear in the DSLR, camera and media industries, no two camera rigs are the same. NANUK Carry-On cases also offer extensive customization with the use of tailor designed inserts and case organizers that allow for the transportation of the most sensitive gear, including lithium-ion batteries in aircraft. These hard cases utilize the ultra-durable NK7 resin construction that insulates gear from the bumps and damage that occur in luggage areas, increasing safety for your extremely fragile lithium batteries. We’ve all seen how airport baggage handlers load gear, don’t risk harm to your equipment without the proper protection from the line of NANUK Carry-On and Hard Sided Cases.  NANUK offers a highly tailored line of cases to get you through the world’s busiest airports and on to your next adventure. Be sure that your gear arrives alive and ready to thrive.

Hard Cases for Camera and DSLR

Photo cameras come in a range of build styles and sizes, from sleek mirrorless bodies, to their larger DSLR family members. Whether you shoot digital or keep it traditional with a film setup, photo cameras function at their best when the gear is sorted, stored and clean, ready to go anytime. The NANUK Hard Case line uses the combination of ultra-durable NK7 resin, along with customizable foam inserts, that allow photographers of all styles to select and work with a case in the exact size and layout needed for the project. Tackle the photo task at hand, with hard cases from NANUK. 

Hard Cases for Microphones

Microphones come in many shapes and sizes, offering limitless possibilities for audio capture and pickup patterns. The great news is that NANUK camera Hard Cases come in a wide range of sizes and layouts allowing you to transport your sensitive audio gear in a format that works for your gear load-out. Whether it’s a fragile hypercardioid shotgun mic, or your prized boom pole, keep your audio gear safe and sound with NANUK.

Hard Cases for camera stabilizers

Camera stabilizers have opened up incredible new glassy smooth shot options, with the ability to move a camera around in a controlled and cinematic fashion, cutting out the shake, bumps and jitter. The one downside to camera stabilizers and gimbals is the use of fragile brushless motors and sensitive electronic connections. Take the worry and hassle out of transporting your stabilizer rig with NANUK Hard Cases for Camera Stabilizers. These hard camera cases protect and organize your gear, allowing the operator to transport the rig still balanced and calibrated with many of the custom foam inserts for the NANUK camera Hard Case line.


The Best
camera hard cases

When investing in a bag or case, think of it as an investment in your expensive camera equipment. It’s important to pick a system that not only protects your equipment, but also stores your camera equipment effectively and makes your life easier. A case should function as a full system, one that can PROTECT, CARRY & ORGANIZE your gear. When shopping for new gear the sheer number of options, styles, and builds can seem daunting… Shopping for a hard case can be a similar situation. With so many sizes, shapes and colors available, it can be a tough process to pick out the right one. Camera cases and bags can be broken down into a couple groups based on materials and level of protection. These categories can be used to guide through the options and pick a case that best suits the operator’s needs.

comparing camera protection solutions

The most common options in the market would be the soft bag, such as a backpack or handbag, along with common EVA semi-hard-shell cases. These are typically the less expensive transport options, often smaller in design and less protective, only intended for occasional use. While the cost can seem like an initial factor it is important to consider the lifespan of the device, and how it will be used. These bags and cases are designed to be small and unobtrusive.

They are the small option that you’d throw over your shoulder, to take with you on a light day trip. However due to the lack of protection these soft bags and cases offer less resistance from the environment, and contact damage, usually non-waterproof and non-dust resistant, you wouldn’t want to allow these bags out of your sight. Small bumps from external forces could damage the gear within, which is not an ideal situation for a fragile camera. The reality of cameras is that when something goes wrong, it goes wrong extremely fast. You don’t want to open your camera up to damage from simple transport, especially when minor damage can cause catastrophic issues later. When picking a camera bag or case it is extremely important that you pick an option that will keep your gear protected in the environments that you usually operate in.

The hard-shell case takes protection to the extreme, with a rigid exterior shell that forms both the structure of the case and also a physical barrier to the elements. The hard shell is crush resistant, dust-proof and waterproof, allowing for protection of your gear in almost any environment. These cases can be stacked on top of each other for storage and transport, and can be locked from the outside making them safe for air travel. A hard case is a little extra peace-of-mind, knowing that regardless of what the environment throws at you, the gear inside the cases will arrive safe and ready to roll.

Multiple interior accessories are available for the perfect photo or video setup such as cubed foam, padded dividers and lis organizers.

The NANUK hard case line allows you to choose the right sized case for your camera setup and equipment, giving you the ability to transport your gear safely in a customized configuration. There are multiple case sizes, padded dividers, lid organizers and foam inserts, allowing perfect customization for your camera equipment needs. For smaller, one camera body there are cases like the NANUK 925, while scaling up in size to the larger multi body and lenses setups you have larger behemoth options like the 960 and 970. The design ethos with the team at NANUK was to build the cases from the ground up, build around the equipment and how that equipment will be used. This platform of logistical design, creates the most streamline option for case protection. 

Each NANUK Hard Case model offers multiple options, including: colours, foam inserts, decal wraps, and even lock-latch mechanisms. Every case maximizes customization with multiple foam inserts, allowing the user to decide exactly how their gear will be stored. There are camera model specific foam inserts with laser cut partitions for cameras and accessories, along with the more traditional pluck foam cube inserts, allowing for any shape within the foam tray. The insert design allows photographers to transport the gear in the most organized layout possible.

Hard cases for canon® cameras

When it comes to Canon® cameras, there’s as many bodies and lenses within the Canon® Camera line as there are stars in the night sky. Fortunately, with the NANUK Hard Case line for Canon® Cameras, there’s as many case configurations, styles, colors and inserts as there are rig options. Don’t be hindered by the amount of gear that you travel with, keep an eye on the action and transport your gear anywhere, at any time.

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Hard Cases for Nikon® Cameras

With the popularity of Nikon® Cameras in photography and photojournalism, there’s a reason the professionals like to travel with a well-rounded kit of Nikon® bodies and lenses. From general purpose “walking around photo lenses” to purpose-built specialty options, a well-rounded kit allows professionals to capture the action and environment as they choose. Compliment that well rounded Nikon® Camera build with a Camera Hard Case by NANUK and you can focus on capturing the action.

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Hard Cases for Sony® Cameras

SONY® Cameras offer a range of mirrorless bodies for all styles of media creation. From smaller crop frame bodies, to large Super 35 and full frame options, there’s a build for every scenario. The NANUK design team has taken a similar approach with the NANUK Hard Case line for SONY® cameras, offering a multitude of cases that can transport and store your Sony camera rig in the exact configuration that you chose. Travel with multiple lenses, batteries, memory and cleaning supplies without any additional hassle. A well-stocked NANUK case compliments your Sony® Camera rig in super-protected style.

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Hard Cases for Camera Lenses

There’s an old saying with camera lenses, that the more you take, the more it can limit your ability to quickly move to capture the action. NANUK Hard Cases for camera lenses tackle that head on, with intelligent designs and custom foam inserts that transport an entire range of lens sizes in a compact and tough form. Focus on the action and store the gear with NANUK’s hard case line for photo cameras.

NANUK Camera Hard cases

Rolling Hard Cases for DSLR and Cameras for easier travel

A wise man once said: “Everything in life is better with wheels...” 

The team at NANUK designed the wheeled case line with heavy duty use in mind, diving deep into our experience with the transportation of fragile gear. The team identified that smaller wheels can hinder movement, catching on rough and soft surfaces. Through the use of larger diameter wheels and bearing systems, NANUK’s Wheeled Hard Cases allow your gear to roll through more difficult terrain. There is no point in using a wheeled case, if you have to constantly pick the case up and carry it. Instead, a wheeled case should open the horizons of projects, regardless of where it happens. A NANUK Wheeled Hard Case is designed to get your gear to the destination and into the action, anywhere, anytime.   

Roll into the action with a Wheeled Hard Case from NANUK.

Professional Camera Hard Cases with Padded Dividers and Organizers

The NANUK Hard Case Organizers system adds an entirely new element to case design with the addition of zipper pockets and divided sections to the case lid. The lid organizers are available in multiple case sizes and configurations, allowing a case that is fine tuned to the equipment it transports. No longer worry about small pieces of camera gear rattling around, instead keep everything secure with NANUK Hard Cases with Padded Dividers and NANUK Organizers. 

When it comes to the interior configuration and design of hard cases, NANUK offers the highest level of customization. Configure a case exactly for your camera setup, and transport your gear without compromise.


Made in canada

NANUK designs and build cases for unforgiving environments. Where better to do that than in Canada? In fact, only Switzerland and Japan rank higher in terms of reputation for making high quality products globally! NANUK believes that there’s no better setting than the cold, harsh conditions of Canada to make cases that protect valuable equipment.


NANUK Hard cases offer a waterproof, dust-proof and crush resistant system that will operate in even the most tough environments, keeping your gear safe and sound within. The cases utilize the Power-Claw latch system, offering a two-stage closure that keeps the case closed, secure and water-tight in transport. The cases also offer multiple handle and wheeled systems, adding extra transport capability and ease of use in the field. Regardless of where life takes you and your gear, NANUK Hard Cases for cameras are designed to get you into the action.

The design ethos at NANUK is highly focused towards finding a better way: that a hard case should work with your photo gear, and make your life easier. It should complement your equipment and add to the capability of the camera gear. NANUK Hard Case design focuses on how the equipment is used in the field, and how to best transport and organize the equipment within.

With all travel and shoots, whether they be professional, or more casual, a case should add a level of organization and capability that allows the operator to setup and operate faster. No one wants to arrive on location and spend time untangling cables while the action passes you by. A hard case system should not only protect your gear, but it should also store the equipment in a logical and intelligent way that allows the photographer to work at peak efficiency.

The purpose of a hard case isn’t simply one of protection, it should allow the user to be ready to shoot, to operate at any time in any environment.

The nanuk difference


The Power Claw latch system developed and used by NANUK hard cases is the most secure method to ensure that a case remains closed even in harsh environments. The double action design of the Power Claw system makes it impossible for the latch to open once secured in place, creating a superior closing system when compared to the systems used by competitors. The double action design means that once a case is closed, you can be sure it will remain that way until you are ready to access your gear within. Don’t take chances, don’t allow the latch on your case to become the weak link, go with a Power Claw latch system and be sure your gear stays safe and secure in your case. 


NANUK protective cases are sought after for search and rescue missions, marine transportation, and diving.This is due to its reliable waterproofing, which resists deformation and fatigue. NANUK ensures a long lasting, watertight seal - nothing gets in.

The hard-shell case takes protection to the extreme, with a rigid exterior shell that forms both the structure of the case and also a physical barrier to the elements. The hard shell is crush resistant, dust-proof and waterproof, allowing for protection of your gear in almost any environment.


The NANUK case design utilizes NK-7 resin for the hard shell, creating a surface that is extremely tough and abrasion resistant, with an extremely long lifespan. The NK-7 resin is available in multiple colours ranging from traditional blacks and greys, all the way to bright reds and yellows for those that need high visibility in their gear. Should you want further customization, NANUK offers decal wraps for some case sizes, dialing in the exact look that you want from your gear.


Soft corners and chamfered edges merge with strong character lines to deliver a design that is as sleek and modern as it is tough and reliable.The lifetime warranty applies on the case and his components only. The accessories and the foam are covered by a one year warranty.


NANUK cases are suitable and certified for a minimum of 100 airline trips, stands up to heavy impacts, withstand repetitive shocks that can occur during loose-loaded transportation, extreme vibration resistance, rainfall, water submersion and heat.