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NANUK 915 in Olive Green to Protect Military Equipment
NANUK cases in Multiple Sizes to Protect Military Firearms and EquipmentMilitary Soldier


Known as the world’s best protective cases, NANUK guards your critical equipment so military personnel can successfully carry out their mission.

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NANUK 915 in Black Getting Thrown Out of a Military TruckMilitary Truck in the Sand


NANUK indestructible cases keep weapons and gear secure, and safeguard sensitive instruments from the repeated blows, drops and shocks that happen in the field.

Made from crushproof NK-7 resin certified to withstand extreme impact and continuous vibration, each case is built to bear the brunt of combat vehicle rides and rescue stretcher falls, ensuring its precious contents work without fail when failure is not an option.

Stays Shut
Our patented Powerclaw™ latches use compressive force to clamp each case tight, so they stay shut no matter what.

“If weapon security is compromised, so is troop safety“
NANUK 985 Protective Case For AR15 FirearmNANUK 910 for Military First Aid Kits


We have cases for every aspect of military service, protecting the needs of those who protect us.

Designed for Military Specs
NANUK offers a full spectrum of protective cases purpose built for weapons, sensitive equipment, lifesaving medical devices, military supplies and soldier storage. All designed to meet the most demanding military specifications.

Rifle & pistol cases
Ammunition transport
Medical devices
Deployment kits
Communications systems
Supply containers

Soldier getting into an Helicopter with a NANUK 990 Hard Case

We do Case Protection, Not Economy Protection

Our quality is infallible, just like the men and women who serve their country. When the stakes are high, low end cases aren’t worth the risk of failure.

Light But Mighty We don’t remove material to make our cases lighter. Engineered with resilient, lightweight resin, they’re as strong as can be without weighing you down

“The protection our heroes deserve“
Military Approved ATA 300NANUK Lifetime Warranty Label

Military Grade. Guaranteed.

​The NANUK name stands for strength and fearlessness. We design and build our cases to survive in the harshest ​of​ conditions. And we stand by every single one.

NANUK cases are suitable and certified for a minimum of 100 airline trips, stands up to heavy impacts, withstand repetitive shocks that can occur during loose-loaded transportation, extreme vibration resistance, rainfall, water submersion and heat.

MIL-STD-810F Immersion
The case is submerged in a basin of water1​​m deep for 1 hour. For this test, the case is heated to 40 degrees F higher than the water’s​ temperature. Again, NANUK easily withstands these extreme conditions.

Lifetime Warranty
NANUK cases are manufactured in Canada and are tested in some of the harshest conditions. Every NANUK case comes with a lifetime guaranty so that if there is a problem with your case then it will either be repaired and returned, or a new one shipped out to you.

NANUK 935 in Olive GReen for Easy transporting of Military EquipmentMilitary Transport Truck

Made For Military Mobility

Wherever their service takes them, by land, sea or air, we get their gear their swiftly – and safely.

Faster Response Time
Spring loaded and one-hand retractable handles ease your equipment’s arrival on the front line, and our patented PowerClaw latch allows an open and shut case that speeds response time.

Smooth On The Move
NANUK military cases are lightweight and light on their feet, with smooth polyurethane wheels that swiftly glide over the most punishing terrain.

“Front line defense, humanitarian assistance, and disaster response missons shouldn’t be clumsy or cumbersome”

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NANUK 990 Hard Case being Washed and WaterproofROHS CompliantMilitary Fireman cleaning with a hose

Clean, Sanitize, Repeat.

In age of uncertainty, you can feel safe knowing our cases endure frequent sanitization and resist chemical erosion.

Certified & Tested
NANUK cases are RoHS certified, have an IPX7 rated watertight seal, IPX6 ingress dustproof protection, and are rigorously tested for the medical military setting using the harshest disinfectants. That means liquid and germs stays out and what’s inside stays sterile.

NANUK 970 Hard Cases in a Military WarehouseMilitary Warehouse Storage


Disaster-proof JIC stockpiles from damp, humid storerooms by housing critical supplies in hermetically sealed cases that are Indestructible. Impenetrable. And did we mention, Stackable?

Safe Stacking
Integrated interlocking feet allow multiple cases to be safely stacked for saved space and secure transport.

Extended Product Life
NANUK’s lifetime warranty further extends the life of military equipment and reserves. So you’ll be well prepared for years to come.

“If you’re storing gear so it’s ready for action, a cardboard box isn’t going to cut it.“
Custom Military Case to Store FirearmsGlocks GunsMilitary Mission

Military Level Organization

Custom foam interiors ensure that sensitive and essential parts are stored securely and accessed easily. The military has a lot of moving parts. We keep them organized.

Colors & Logos
Available in a wide selection of colors from emergency orange to high-tech silver. Or differentiate your brand with a custom shade all your own. We can also print your logo or other graphics on our cases to make sure they remember you.

“In a sea of same, NANUK gives your brand a noticeable advantage.“

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Pallet of NANUK casesProduction of NANUK Cases

that Speeds
Response Time

We design and build our cases in Canada which means we can get your order to you in days, not weeks. No waiting for delayed shipments or customs issues.

Quick Turnaround
Get quick-response help from a dedicated project manager and get the fast turnaround you need to get your military gear into the field.

Ready for Emergencies
NANUK keeps a large inventory of cases in stock to keep our military customers covered in event of emergencies or rapid deployment.

“ Local made keeps your IP safe and supply chain moving.“