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High Quality Protection For Higher Quality
Of Life

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Nanuk Hard Cases for Medical DevicesField Hospital

NANUK protects
medical equipment
at all costs

Known as the world’s best protective cases, NANUK safeguards your lifesaving equipment so your users can count on them to work without fail.

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Nanuk Hard Cases for Medical DevicesShadowGurney


NANUK indestructible cases safeguard fragile, sophisticated equipment from the repeated blows, drops and shocks that happen during emergencies.

Made from crushproof NK-7 resin certified to withstand extreme impact and continuous vibration, each case is built to bear the brunt of first response or ambulance rides and gurney falls, ensuring its precious contents work without fail when they’re needed most.

Stays Shut
Our patented Powerclaw™ latches use compressive force to clamp each case tight, so they stay shut no matter what.

“ If medical devices malfunction, lives are on the line. “
Nanuk 935 in Yellow with wheels to transport Medical EquipmentFire rescue after an accident


Faster Response Time
Spring loaded and one-hand retractable handles ease your equipment’s arrival on the scene, and our patented PowerClaw latch makes for an easy open and shut case that speeds response time.

Light on It’s Feet
NANUK medical device protection is lightweight and light on its feet with smooth polyurethane wheels that swiftly glide over even rough terrain.

“ When seconds count, critical care shouldn’t be clumsy or cumbersome.”
Red Case to Transport Emergency Medical Equipment
Nanuk 903 Black Case for Medical ProductsHuman Touch

Human Touches
at Every Touchpoint

Every feature on our cases has been thoughtfully designed to enhance your product’s use by a variety of handlers, whether it’s an EMT on the frontlines, a doctor making rounds or a patient on the mend.

Carrying Comfort
Smooth rounded corners and soft handles make for a more comfortable carry.

Ergonomic Features
PowerClaw ergonomic closures won’t catch on knuckles. And stay-open lid hinges provide easy access to what’s inside without pinching fingers, so medical pros and patients can focus on the task at hand.

“Thoughtfully designed with each of your users in mind.”

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Nanuk 910 CleaningROHS CompliantSanitizing

Clean, Sanitize,
Comply, Repeat.

The hospital grade protection your medical products need to comply with strict regulations and endure frequent sanitization.

Rigorously Tested
NANUK cases are chemical-resistant, RoHS certified, have an IPX7 rated watertight seal, IPX7 ingress dustproof protection, and are rigorously tested for the medical setting using the harshest disinfectants. That means liquid and debris stays out and what’s inside stays sterile.

Stackable CasesStorage

Ready to Go in an Emergency

Disaster-proof stockpiles from damp, humid storerooms and busy warehouses by housing critical supplies in hermetically sealed cases that are Indestructible. Impenetrable. And did we mention, Stackable?

Safe Stacking
Integrated interlocking feet allow multiple cases to be safely stacked for saved space and secure transport.

Extended Product Life
NANUK’s lifetime warranty further extends the life of medical necessities. So your users will be better prepared for years to come.

“ If you’re storing devices for the next health crisis, a cardboard box isn’t going to cut it. “
Custom Case with Medical EquipmentCustom Cases for Medical Equipment

A case for everything.
And every part in its place.

Safely accommodate all your small components and accessories with custom foam interiors tailored to hold delicate devices that have complex shapes and unique designs.

All In One Place
Cushioned, precision cut inserts make it easy for medical pros and patients to quickly see that they have everything they need readily at hand, and handily keep it all together in one place. With 31 case sizes, NANUK has you covered.

“ Your innovations have lots of moving parts. Ours keep them all secure and organized. ”
Get Your Logo Printed on CasesBusiness man handshakeAvailable NANUK cases colors

Stand Out
for Quality

Serious protection doesn’t have to be boring. Our smart and sleek cases make sure your medical equipment looks as great as it works. So you always make an impression, whether you’re in front of hospital administrators, purchasing personnel, doctors, nurses, patients or other decision makers.

Colors & Logos
Available in a wide selection of colors from emergency orange to high-tech silver. Or differentiate your brand with a custom shade all your own. We can also print your logo or other graphics on our cases to make sure they remember you.

“In a sea of same, NANUK gives your brand a noticeable advantage.“

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Pallet of NANUK casesProduction of NANUK Cases

that Speeds
Response Time

We design and build our cases in Canada which means we can get your order to you in days, not weeks. No waiting for delayed shipments or customs issues.

Quick Turnaround
Get quick-response help from a dedicated project manager and get the fast turnaround you need to get your medical devices to market.

Ready for Emergencies
NANUK keeps a large inventory of cases in stock to keep our medical customers covered in event of emergencies.

“ Local made keeps your IP safe and supply chain moving.“