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When it comes to equipment within a media production, there are very few pieces of gear that add as much capability and flexibility as a gimbal or stabilizer.

The Best Hard Cases for DJI™ Stabilizers and Zhiyun™ Stabilizers

These unique systems of brushless motors and balanced components, allow camera operators to move in fluid shots, often complimenting or replacing over image capture systems such as dollies and jib arms. Because of this highly flexible nature, more camera operators are choosing to go with stabilizer systems to open up new shot options and creative paths for projects.

As capable as stabilizer systems are, they do have several aspects of fragility that are important to consider when the user is considering a case for transportation and storage. To keep the weight of the full setup down to a minimum and to allow stabilizers to move through shots easier, many manufacturers chose to use ultra-lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and titanium. These materials keep setup weights down and are strong enough to handle flexion and movement through the gimbal arms but they are more fragile and prone to damage. Because of this, it is incredibly important to transport stabilizers and gimbals within a hard case, in order to protect the materials from bumps and damage. With the correct layout and case customization, it is possible to transport a stabilizer or gimbal, still assembled and balanced, meaning that the equipment is ready to go whenever needed.

NANUK offers multiple hard case models for all of the industry leading stabilizer and gimbal manufacturers. From the range of DJI™ Ronin™ stabilizers, to the Zhiyun™ gimbal systems. The NANUK hard case options for DJI™ and Zhiyun Stabilizers ensure that your gimbal systems will remain protected in transport and ready to roll when needed. 

Hard Cases for DJI™ Ronin Cases

The DJI™ Ronin™ platform offers an incredible level of capability for multiple camera and rig setup sizes. From the smaller Ronin M, SC all the way to the professional grade Ronin 2, DJI has worked to create a well-rounded line of stabilizer systems.

The design team at NANUK have developed multiple stabilizer specific case layouts, through the use of our Hard Case platform, combined with model specific foam inserts that allow for the most effective methods of transporting your Ronin stabilizer system without adding additional bulk to your production. The NANUK Hard Case for Ronin stabilizers offers the highest degree of protection and organization for your DJI™ gimbal rig.

Hard Case For DJI RONIN-SC2

Much like the design principle behind the DJI™ RONIN-SC2, NANUK Hard Cases provide a highly refined case system in a smaller concise package. The Ronin SC2 was designed to add new levels of creativity to shots, while not hindering the user’s ability to move around while shooting. The NANUK Hard Case for the DJI™ Ronin SC2 adds to that capability, creating a well-protected transport system that keeps the gear always ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Hard Case For DJI RONIN-S2

The NANUK Hard Case for DJI™ RONIN-S2 adds flexibility to an already well-rounded gimbal system. With the capacity to store additional batteries and stabilizer accessories, the NANUK Hard Case for the Ronin S2 will both protect your gimbal equipment and assist you in the field to get the shot and roll through the day with the best hard case protection available.

Hard Case For DJI RONIN-S | SC

Built for mirrorless cameras, the DJI™ Ronin SC was designed to add capability to the super-popular and widely used range of mirrorless photo cameras without adding additional heft and bulk to gear load-outs. The Ronin SC was intended to be a constant companion to your average camera build that would open new creative options. We at NANUK like to think of our hard case designs for the RONIN line along a similar foundation... Added capability, without added bulk or additional hassle. The NANUK Hard Case for the DJI™ Ronin SC was designed specifically to house the mobile and utilitarian focus of the SC gimbal rig. With the NANUK Hard Case for the DJI™ Ronin SC, you can keep your stabilizer with you at all times, and be sure that your gimbal is always protected, set up and ready to go when you need it most.

Hard Case For DJI RONIN-S

The NANUK Hard Case for the DJI™ Ronin-S offers a streamlined solution for transporting and storing the DJI single mast stabilizer system. Through the use of NANUK’s NK7 resin design, you can be sure that your equipment is always protected from the elements. 

Hard Case for ZHIYUN™ CRANE3 LAB

The NANUK Hard Case for the ZHIYUN™ Crane 3 offers industry leading protection and organization solutions for your ZHIYUN™ stabilizer system, ensuring that your gimbal equipment will always be protected in the demanding situations of daily media productions. Keep your Zhiyun™ stabilizer rig handy and always accessible, with the NANUK Hard Case for the Zhiyun™ Crane 3.

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