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When it comes to photography and video capture, the most valuable asset that can be offered from a camera setup, is the ability to shoot with the gear in any environment at any time.

The Best Hard camera Cases for SONY® A7R, A7S AND A9 Cameras

A few years ago, SONY® took the photography industry by storm when they launched a range of mirrorless Alpha cameras. At that time, the industry was still heavily geared towards traditional DSLR bodies and the SONY® approach would forever change the way that photographers and videographers work, leaving other camera manufacturers to play catch up.

To this day the SONY® Camera approach of small camera bodies with extremely powerful sensors has changed the way that the industry views camera capability. SONY® took advantage of their decades of experience with professional broadcast camera equipment, to offer powerful sensors and options that were unheard of at the time, placing full frame sensors and video creation options into cameras small enough to transport anywhere. Through this approach SONY® has moved to dominate the consumer and professional markets alike, with a wide range of cameras for all aspects and styles of media creation. To meet those unique needs of SONY® Camera users, NANUK Hard Cases offers a line of custom cases tailor built for your Sony® Camera setup.

Whether you shoot with one of the mirrorless SONY ®A7 or A9 cameras or alternatively the smaller and extremely robust RX bodies, there’s very likely a SONY® camera that meets the needs of your media projects. From professional journalists to casual and hobby photographers, there is an unbelievable amount of power and potential within the SONY® Camera line. This concise camera build gives photographers and media creators the ability to travel with more powerful gear, without the bulk that can hinder movement or attract unwanted attention. SONY® Cameras offer powerful imaging capability and extremely flexible platform options for accessories such as lights and microphones, allowing users to create the exact camera build for their needs.  

Mobile & compact protective case options

The design team here at NANUK focused on the principles of small, yet powerful builds for the custom line of Hard Cases for SONY® Cameras. The goal was to create a case that complimented the SONY® approach of small, sleek camera builds that punch well above their weight. The NANUK Hard Case line for SONY® cameras does just that, it adds capability and strength to your camera kit, allowing SONY® Camera users to transport and store their valuable camera setups within an ultra-tough, sleek hard case that doesn’t add bulk to their daily photo and camera missions.

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To add to the high level of capability, the NANUK line of Hard Cases for SONY® Cameras offers custom foam inserts specifically tailored to each camera design, allowing SONY® users to transport their camera bodies, extra lenses, batteries and accessories in a safe and organized way.

The NANUK line of HARD CASES for SONY® Cameras safely transports all your camera gear regardless of the environment. You can get into the action and capture the shot, all the while keeping your camera safe within the ultra-tough and durable NK7 Resin shell. Whether you get stuck in a rainstorm, or travel through a chaotic airport, your gear will always stay safe and sorted, no matter where your daily routine takes you. Don’t let the environment dictate your next shoot. NANUK Hard Cases will transport your SONY® Camera through the most hectic and harsh environments, ensuring that your gear is always protected and ready to go when you need it. 

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Through the evolution of the SONY® A7, A7R, A7S and A9 lines there have been continuous improvements and iterations of the SONY® camera body build that increases capability and performance. From additional memory cards slots for dual recording, to video and audio inputs, each SONY® Camera has added capability to media productions. 

The team at NANUK identified the need to have a case that meets the unique requirements of our users to further increase your productivity in media creation. To achieve this, NANUK offers a wide range of Sony® Alpha camera cases in all sizes shapes and colors, with custom foam inserts for each body style.

These unique and intelligent designs allow for the transport of your fragile camera gear in the field and offer capacity for the camera accessories needed to get the shot. Through the use of laser cut foam inserts and padded foam dividers, there are unlimited options for how NANUK Hard Cases can be setup for your SONY® Camera. Your gear always has a home within the camera specific case designs, meaning that your gear remains ready to go at a moment’s notice. Compliment your valuable gear, and transport it within the industry leading option for hard cases, with the NANUK case systems for SONY® Cameras. 

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