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The Best Best Hard Cases for Sennheiser™, Sony® and Rodelink™ Microphones

The Best Best Hard Cases for Sennheiser™, Sony® and Rodelink™ Microphones

When it comes to audio capture in media production there are almost as many ways to record audio as there are models of microphone. Fortunately, this gives a great amount of flexibility to how each project records sound on set, allowing for unique and stylized results.

With so many microphone options, ranging from super sensitive hyper-cardioid shotgun mics, to more robust omni directional RF and LAV mics, it’s important to have a well-protected option available to transport and store the sensitive microphones within.

NANUK Hard Cases for Sennheiser and Rode Microphones offers intelligent transport and storage solutions for your audio gear, providing a system that keeps even the most sensitive microphone components safe in the most demanding environments. NANUK Hard Cases for Microphones offer cases of all sizes, from the smaller single mic cases, to larger options for studio and boom microphone gear. NANUK adds additional capability to your productions with an element of supreme organization, allowing every single component, and every cable to have a designated home within the custom internal layouts.

NANUK Hard Cases for Sennheiser and Rode microphones build on capability in production, adding more options and flexibility to how you capture audio, while simultaneously keeping your gear safe from anything that life can throw your way.

Hard Cases for Sennheiser Microphone

Sennheiser has built their reputation as an in industry leading audio capture solution through many years of design and field experience, to offer the industry highly refined microphone options for all media environments. To achieve their precision approach to audio capture, often requires the use of sensitive and fragile internal components, leaving equipment prone to damage if not stored and transported correctly.

NANUK Hard Cases for Sennheiser Microphones allow all of your audio gear to be securely transported to your next project within our range of extremely tough hard cases, with waterproof, dust-proof and crush resistant components, all paired to our patented Power Claw latch system that ensures that even the most fragile microphones will arrive to the next project and intact, to be able to do what Sennheiser does best. NANUK Hard Cases for Sennheiser microphones take customization to the next level, offering multiple case sizes, colours, and foam inserts allowing users to build the exact case that meets their needs. Keep your Sennheiser mics safe at all times with NANUK Hard Cases for Sennheiser mics.



When it comes to the world of media creation, there is probably no more rugged environment than that of ENG, or Electronic News Gathering. From fast paced news stories in war zones, to “Streeter” interviews, the ENG world often finds it’s camera and audio gear thrown into adverse conditions that can leave equipment prone to damage. Combine the more fragile nature of audio capture and microphone equipment, and it becomes a complete necessity to have a durable hard case and transport solution for your audio ENG gear.

The design team at NANUK Hard Cases have built on our many years of experience in the field of the transportation of fragile and expensive equipment to develop the new line of NANUK Hard Cases for SENNHEISER™ and SENAL™ ENG microphone systems. NANUK Hard Cases for ENG microphones come in a wide range of hard case sizes, shapes and colours, allowing the exact layout and design of a system that fits your ENG gear load-out. Get your SENNHEISER™ and SENAL™ ENG systems to the story safely with NANUK Hard Cases.


The SENNHEISER™ AVX wireless system offers a well-rounded option for both RF Lav and handheld microphone audio capture in scenarios that require on camera talent to remain wireless. As capable as the SENNHEISER™ system is, the nature of wireless microphones often includes fragile antenna and transmission systems that are prone to damage if the mic body comes into contact with other gear in transit. NANUK offers a case to keep SENNHEISER™ AVX wireless mics safe in transit, and conveniently stored in an organized, custom foam insert, so that the AVX mics are always ready to go when needed.


The SENNHEISER™ XS system offers a well-rounded and industry leading option for wireless microphones for speaking engagements, allowing the user to roam and operate free of antennas or cable equipment. NANUK offers a unique Hard Case option for the SENNHEISER™ XS system, to keep both the handheld microphone and the receiver dock safe and organized in transit.


When it comes to audio capture in fast paced environments that require wireless and handsfree systems, the SONY EW and UWP/SENAL™ RF wireless mic systems are well regarded as the Go-To option for shooters and media creators alike. As capable as these microphones are, they do have antenna components that are susceptible to damage if stored incorrectly.

NANUK Hard Cases for SONY EW and SENAL™ UWP systems creates a tailor-made hard case option that allows for the safe transportation of the wireless RF mic systems within NANUK’s ultra-durable NK7 Resin design.


The SENNHEISER™ EW wireless microphone system has become the most widely used wireless RF system in television and media capture industries for a good reason. The combination of pickup patterns and rock-solid transmission systems have created one of the most robust and reliable systems that audio operators seek out.

The NANUK Hard Case for the SENNHEISER™ EW RF mic system keeps the transmitter and receiver components well sorted and protected within the dust-proof, waterproof and crush proof hard case. The NANUK Hard Case for the SENNHEISER™ EW system will ensure that the wireless mics systems are always ready to go, while always protected from damage in the field.


Safely transport and store the SENNHEISER™ AVX wireless TF set with the NANUK Hard Case for the AVX system. With multiple small, and fragile transmitter components, the form fitting design of the NANUK system offers an industry leading solution for microphone transport. Be sure that your SENNHEISER™ AVX system is always safe and ready to go with a hard case solution from NANUK.

Hard Cases for Rode Microphones

RODE offers some of the most versatile audio recording systems on the market today, ranging from wireless transmission systems to their highly regarded NTG shotgun microphone range. Regardless of the microphone type, size, or shape, there is a hard case that will keep your gear safe and sound with the NANUK range or Hard Cases for RODE microphones.


The RODE® Newsshooter kit offers multiple solutions for wireless RF recording ranging from traditional RF lav mics, to a transmission pack for handheld mics. With so much flexibility in a single mic kit, it’s no surprise that it has become so widely used in the industry. Compliment the flexibility of the system with the highest level of protection and organization, through the NANUK Hard Case for the RODE® Newsshooter system.


NANUK’s Hard Case system for the RODE® RODELINK® RF wireless mic system offers the highest level of protection for the mic transmitter and receiver packs, while also offering multiple storage and organization options for mic components, lav mics and cables. Be sure that your RODE® RODELINK mic kit is always ready to use at a moment’s notice with the NANUK Hard Case system.