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NANUK 930 Lid Organizer-Lid Organizer-NANUK
NANUK 930 Lid Organizer-Lid Organizer-NANUK

NANUK 930 and 933 Lid Organizer


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The NANUK Lid Organizer is the ideal organization and convenience accessory to add to your case. The molded interior is designed to help keep your hardware, power cords and accessories entirely organized and in-view. The lid organizer includes a set of mounting screws for easy, stress-free installation. Features include three or five zippered, transparent and anti-tear compartments of various sizes for lots of gear storage.

NANUK 930 and 933 Lid Organizer


Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Sean Gallagher
Outstanding design & fitment. Zippered pouches for all types of gear as well documentation divid...

While this is certainly a great high quality product to organize all those wires, switches, fittings and documents associated with amateur radio it is also certainly in the pricey category.

Guy Poirier
Very useful but could benefit from a few tweaks.

These few tweaks would be in the way it is shipped. It' s a large piece and it had a slight bow in the center. Therefore, the self adhesive strips being used to secure it to the lid keep getting unstuck. I had even put many things inside the case and forced it closed and kept it that way for 24 hours, but the bow keeps pulling it off.
Also, it is very hard to try and line up the posts for the screws with the holes. Suggestion would be to make the post a little longer and supply an metal sleeves that would slip around the posts so that you pass them through the organizer holes. Press down on organizer, remove sleeve and install screw.

Bob Bahrami
Sticky stuff doesn’t stick

The organizer is a great accessory for my Nanuk 963. I travel weekly for work and now am able to leave my backpack which had my iPad, accessories and other random stuff in it because now it goes in the kid organizer. My only complaint is that the tape that comes on it, doesn’t stick to the lid of the Nanuk. The only thing holding it to the lid are the screws. So I hope it holds up.

Federico Cortina

This is one of those cases that you know will protect your valuable cameras. I use this for my three GoPro cameras and accessories. Love the concept and quality.

Nicholas Belsito

NANUK 950 Lid Organizer

Henry Cox

Needed it for work. It arrived with no issues. It holds everything I need for work. I would recommend this case for service technicians. It works great.

Robert Dunlap
Great organizer

Great product. Seems good quality. Fits the lid perfectly on my case.

Leanne Karoles
Nanuk 963

I love this!! I was able to put all of my vendor booth materials into this container and keep it secure and contained.

Terry Murphy
It’s From Nanuk - That’s All You Need To Know!

I own about a dozen Nanuk cases and, unfortunately, one of my drone cases (915) didn’t have a lid cover available. But I was able to retrofit a 918 case and the lid organizer helps SO MUCH with holding accessories and parts and they’re just an integral part in just about all the Nanuk cases I own. It’s easy to install, looks FANTASTIC, and is a MUST HAVE for your Nanuk case.

Masataka T.
Scuba Gear Box

I got this box to tot my scuba gear to dive classes throughout the year. It’s great not having to worry about my gear being protected during transit and I have a few extra parts and tools organized in the lid organizer to do quick fixes at the dive sites for the students.