NANUK 925 Lid Organizer-Lid Organizer-NANUK
NANUK 925 Lid Organizer-Lid Organizer-NANUK

NANUK 925 Lid Organizer


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The NANUK Lid Organizer is the ideal organization and convenience accessory to add to your case. The molded interior is designed to help keep your hardware, power cords and accessories entirely organized and in-view. The lid organizer includes a set of mounting screws for easy, stress-free installation. Features include three or five zippered, transparent and anti-tear compartments of various sizes for lots of gear storage.

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Martin Cerame
An essential accessory for any Nanuk case...

Whether or not you're an organization freak like me, who orders custom foam inserts for your Nanuk cases, this accessory is a must, as sooner or later you're bound to need a bit more space to store than new accessory, charger, cable, extra battery, etc. (which was my case). The lid organizer is the solution to that problem. Well... mostly (I have one accesory that does not fit on any of the pockets of the 925 lid organizer but I managed to accomodate it in its folio-like back, er... "pocket"?).

Perhaps in the near future Nanuk will offer two or three different models of each organizer, with different zippered pocket sizes / configurations, so that customers can choose the perfect organizer for their particular needs. I know that you will pay attention to this, Nanuk (especially since I gave the organizer one star shy of a perfect score). You always go the extra mile for your customers, so... it's just a matter of time. Thanks, Nanuk! You rock!

Kristoffer Strayhorn

The lid organizer takes advantage of previously unusable space which is very useful for cables, batteries, charging cords, MicroSd, etc... Plus it looks amazing!

Ronald Secrest
Another Excellent Product

This lid organizer was exactly what I needed for my new Naunk case to hold my photography & camera's peripherals and Installed in minutes.

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