NANUK 920 Lid Organizer-Lid Organizer-NANUK
NANUK 920 Lid Organizer-Lid Organizer-NANUK

NANUK 920 Lid Organizer


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The NANUK Lid Organizer is the ideal organization and convenience accessory to add to your case. The molded interior is designed to help keep your hardware, power cords and accessories entirely organized and in-view. The lid organizer includes a set of mounting screws for easy, stress-free installation. Features include three or five zippered, transparent and anti-tear compartments of various sizes for lots of gear storage.

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Terry Murphy
Much Needed Accessory!!

I repurposed my 920 to store my multiple GoPros and all accessories and needs. No one makes a viable case for someone who has multiple GoPros, and the GoPro Backpack is great, but I wanted a Nanuk case, because that’s what I use for everything. The lid organizer was a game-changer because GoPros have a lot of small accessories, batteries, cables, and other pieces, and the lid organizer provides a perfect storage space and maximizes the case’s capacity. It’s a MUST!!

Michael Nunn
Nook 920 lid organizer

I needed a lid organizer with my 920 case for my Mavic 2 Pro I was able to even put maps and contracts behind the organizer itself
It makes things a lot easier for a drone pilot

Best lid organizer in the market

Well molded, good layout with maximized space. Price is high, but worthwhile.

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