NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S
NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S

NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S


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NANUK is guaranteed for Life! NANUK is Military Approved Shop Local - NANUK is a Canadian Company

Your DJI™ Mavic Air 2S Fly More Combo and Smart Controller get the maximum level of protection with a custom-made protective case from, NANUK, a leader in high-quality drone protection. Read More

  • Interior (L x W x H): 17 × 11.8 × 6.4”
  • Exterior (L x W x H): 18.7 × 14.8 × 7"
  • Waterproof (IPX7), dustproof (IP6X) & MIL-SPEC certified
  • Lifetime warranty & 30-day satisfaction warranty
  • Airline check-in: Yes
  • Airline cabin carry-on: Yes
  • NANUK cases are MADE IN CANADA NANUK cases are Waterproof NANUK cases are Shockproof

About the NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S

Built to organize, protect, carry and survive tough conditions, the NANUK 925 waterproof hard case is impenetrable and indestructible with a lightweight tough NK-7 resin shell and PowerClaw superior latching system.

With NANUK’s exclusive locking and latching system, your case stays shut and secured until you are ready to open it.

Your DJI™ Mavic Air 2S Fly More Combo and Smart Controller get the maximum level of protection with a custom-made protective case from, NANUK, a leader in high-quality drone protection.

The closed cell high-quality foam is pre-cut to specifically fit your Mavic Air 2S Fly More Combo with the regular controller and Smart Controller. The clever design holds the aircraft, five (5) extra batteries, the remote controller, the Smart Controller, extra propellers and charging accessories securely. Photographers, videographers, drone pilots and enthusiasts trust NANUK to protect their DJI™ Air 2S, Smart Controller and accessories. Protect your investment.

The NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S Combo protective case comes with a soft grip and ergonomic handle to make it easy to transport.

It also features stainless steel hardware and an integrated handle stay to keep the handle out of harm’s way when traveling or during shipping. This transport case is also equipped with an automatic pressure release valve and two reinforced metal eyelets that accommodate TSA-accepted case locks.

This MIL-Spec injection molded case is backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • Interior (LxWxH) 17 × 11.8 × 6.4”
    432 x 300 x 163 mm
  • Exterior (LxWxH) 18.7 × 14.8 × 7"
    475 x 376 x 178 mm
  • Lid Depth 2.1″ | 53 mm
  • Base Depth 4.3″ | 108 mm
  • Internal Volume 1284 | 0.74 cu.ft | 21 L
  • Weight (empty) 6.2 lb | 2.8 kg
  • Temperature Range Min -20°F (-29°C ) | Max 140°F (60°C)
  • Material Lightweight NK-7 resin
  • Max buoyancy 53 lb | 24 kg
  • Padlock Holes Diameter 0.300"
  • Airline carry-on Yes*

*Check with your airline carrier before travelling.


PowerClaw Superior Latching System

Close with confidence. Open with ease.

Ensuring that your smaller gear stays well protected from the elements, the NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S case's patented PowerClaw latching system uses compressive force and triple action to clamp your case tight. Integrated slide locks offer added security, preventing your case from opening during transport or if it’s dropped. The super tough nylon construction and stainless-steel hardware ensure that your important items stay safe in your NANUK waterproof case no matter where your journey takes you.

IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof

Go where no case has gone before.

NANUK protective cases were primarily designed for front line protection, search and rescue missions, first responders, military, industrial, marine and diving uses. The professionals that rely on NANUK cases require a reliable, waterproof solution which resists deformation and fatigue. NANUK ensures a long-lasting, watertight seal - nothing gets in – nothing!

Lightweight NK-7 Resin

Indestructible & Lightweight NK-7 Resin

Get High-Impact Protection with a fraction of the weight.

Impact-resistant, lightweight, and armed with NK-7 resin body, the NANUK 925 for DJI™ Mavic Air 2S protective case is designed with rounded corners, thick, strong walls, and oversized details. No matter what nature throws its way, NANUK is built to survive. This NANUK is shock-absorbent to prevent damage to the case and, more importantly, to the valuable contents.

Design & Colors

Stand out with a unique design and color selection.

Rounded corners and chamfered edges merge with strong character lines to deliver a design that is as sleek and modern as it is tough and reliable. Be it for aesthetic preference or more practical purposes, color choice is an important feature for many NANUK users - choose from up to nine colors depending on the case. Color options range from emergency red to military olive, meaning that you can blend in or stand out, whatever the task entails.

Automatic Pressure Release Valve

Automatic Pressure Release Valve

Keep your case from sealing shut. Automatically.

Changes in altitude, temperature, humidity and geographic location create a “vacuum lock” which can effectively seal a case shut. NANUK's integrated auto-pressure valve equalizes this atmospheric pressure difference. Using state-of-the-art technology, the micro vent allows air to pass through while preventing water from entering.

NANUK Lifetime Warranty

Guaranteed for life

NANUK cases are designed and manufactured in Canada and are tested in some of the harshest conditions, including our own backyards. Every NANUK case comes with a lifetime guaranty so that if there is ever a problem with your case it will either be repaired and returned or replaced.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Perfect case for my new Mavic Air 2S!

Fits all the gear and drone perfect. Nice to have it all together and well protected. I spent a lot on my drone and it’s a small price to pay for it’s safety. I highly recommend this case!

Cory Moore

Everything fits perfectly with plenty of battery room. Love the orange!

Tony Lear
Needed more customization foam options

Asked by email about foam inserts customizable options- “I was told I could cut the foam with a sharp knife”… “but that would void the warranty”. Never really answers my question and the rep gave extremely poor advice.

William Clark
Perfect Case for the Air2s

I ordered this case because it was laser cut to fit my new purchase perfectly. The extra battey compartments were a huge bonus. Very happy with my purchase and will continue using Nanuk to protect my gear.

Ben Allington
Great case but could be even better!

I really like my NANUK 925 for DJI Mavic Air 2S. The quality is outstanding but there are some improvements that could make this case much better.

First of all, it's huge! I do wish it was a little smaller and I feel that if the compartments were just a little closer together, the case could be considerably smaller and better for lugging around. Also, for as big as it is, I still find myself struggling to get everything to fit. It seems as if the design was rushed somewhat and there might not have been a plan as to exactly where items should live -for example, if you put the props under the smart controller, where would the lens filters go? The lens filters must go under the smart controller which puts the props in the bottom of the cord compartment. This works ok I guess, it just doesn't seem well thought out. The cord compartment could be deeper and the cutout under the smart controller compartment could be deeper too. I also find the cutouts to be extremely tight -too tight in fact. The edge of the case tears at the props when I insert and remove the drone to the extent that I've had to resort to removing two of the props as I felt i was applying too much stress and force to them when I removed the drone from its compartment. The drone campartment is SO tight that I find it difficult to insert and remove the drone, even with those two props removed. It doesn't need to be that tight at all! Speaking of tight, the smart controller compartment is very snug as well -to the point that it doesn't lay flat with a neck strap attached. This appears to be an oversight because I would think most people would use a neck strap when using the smart controller. Another oversight, in my opinion, is the fact that you can leave the control sticks attached when storing the original controller, which most people with the smart controller would never use, but you must remove them to store the smart controller, which is used constantly! It is such a pain in the butt and it just doesn't make sense for it to be like that. In fact, I'm not 100% sure why there is a compartment for the original controller anyway, with or without the control sticks, except it could be used as a backup I suppose, but the smart controller battery life is exceptional, and in the age of power bricks and car chargers, I would rather just leave the original controller at home and have a smaller case.

These are just some of my thoughts. This is still my first choice for the Mavic A2s. NANUK makes great cases. They are sturdy, lockable, and look great!

Brian Beene
Tough Case

Very solid and well built case. Perfect for the Air 2S Fly More Kit. If you’re gonna drop that kinda cash on that DJI Drone , Don’t cheap out on your case. Get what you pay for. Will definitely be buying more Nanuk cases in the future.

100% the best case I’ve ever owned

I can’t talk nanuk up high enough I’ve had other cases over the years but nothing comes with the quality the Nanuk dose everything works as it should the foam is cut perfectly they don’t fall apart there tuff as nails my drone is in mine every weekend strapped to my atv rack and it’s never never had anything happen to it in the case or have I ever hurt the case itself they just work and take a beating

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