NANUK 950 Lid Organizer-Lid Organizer-NANUK
NANUK 950 Lid Organizer-Lid Organizer-NANUK

NANUK 950 Lid Organizer


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The NANUK Lid Organizer is the ideal organization and convenience accessory to add to your case. The molded interior is designed to help keep your hardware, power cords and accessories entirely organized and in-view. The lid organizer includes a set of mounting screws for easy, stress-free installation. Features include three or five zippered, transparent and anti-tear compartments of various sizes for lots of gear storage.

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Nick Jaksic
Great organizer/Great company

I have a Nanuk 950 case that I use to carry my tools. I’m an aircraft mechanic and I need something tough enough to take the abuse of a flight line. The case is perfect but it’s made even better with the top organizer. I can now more quickly access the essential things that I most frequently use. It’s as rugged as the case and the pouches are spacious for everything I need. The one drawback was that I didn’t receive the attaching hardware with the organizer. It wasn’t even an issue. The Velcro fasteners on the back held the organizer perfectly until the folks at Nanuk sent me out more than enough hardware to secure it properly. Mistakes happen. The sign of a good company is when the mistake is corrected promptly. It was and I will always be a customer.

Bucky B.
I use it for inspections in the waste to energy industry

I have a few nanuk cases and the 950 is my ideal size for everything I noticed I needed a lid organizer to keep everything organized and now that I have it it makes life so much easier on the job, highly recommended for all nanuk cases

Olaf Growald
950 Lid Organizer

Perfect for my needs! This was easy to install (5 mins), is exactly what I needed for all my widgets and cables! Excellent customer service, easy to purchase online. Love my 950 lid organizer and case!

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