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NANUK Opens New Innovation and Creativity Center

NANUK Opens New Innovation and Creativity Center

NANUK Opens a New Innovation and Creativity Center

MONTREAL, July 25, 2022 – Nanuk, makers of premium waterproof protective cases for professionals and consumers alike, unveiled their Innovation and Creativity Center on the campus of their headquarters in Terrebonne, Quebec.

Home to their Marketing and Design/Development teams, the new facility completes the second phase of Nanuk’s expansion plans with additional phases to follow in the coming years. The offices and warehouse space were custom-built for the 14-year-old brand who has grown 250% over the last three years despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and global supply chain crises.

The project started in August 2021, and it prioritized the engagement and collaboration between teams as well as Nanuk’s goal of minimizing their carbon footprint and placing a premium on materials and fixtures that are sustainable and earth-friendly.

“We were inspired by the creators, explorers, adventures, and lovers of nature of use Nanuk products to go farther, take on the elements, and always find a better way,” said Nanuk President and CEO, José Chagnon. “We were also inspired by the power and creativity of our people who are on track to elevate the brand to incredible new heights. Together, we wanted to fast-track our sustainability program which gives us purpose well beyond just the world-class products we produce. We were also very intentional about the importance of the health and well-being of our most precious resource: our people.”

Nanuk’s new 19,000 square foot Innovation and Creativity Center set a goal of favoring locally, produced, earth-friendly, low carbon footprint materials. Textures and materials that evoke nature, contrasting rough, rocky terrain and landscapes with crafter materials, polished stone, and planed wood were prioritized. These would ultimately create an inviting and comfortable environment for teams and guests with neutral and warm colors and bases.

The final space includes:

  1. Carpet Tiles: Carbon neutral Preserve Tile™ from Shaw Contract®. Easier to transport, simple to replace.
  2. Linoleum Sheeting: Completely biodegradable Marmoleum™ Concrete Series from Forbo® is made from recycled cork and linseed and is ultra-durable.
  3. Window Coverings: Manufactured by Altex® in Quebec to reduce UV light during hot months and let in the warmth and the natural light during colder months.
  4. Workstations: Repurposed and refurbished. Nanuk avoided emitting 4.35 metric tons of greenhouse gasses and contributed to reforestation by planting 160 trees.
  5. Gym Equipment: 85% is repurposed and refurbished.
  6. Lighting: All energy-saving LEDs. Linear lighting is dimmable for both up and down lighting. Made by Axis, manufactured in Montreal.
  7. Concrete and Ceramic Floors: In high-traffic areas are sustainable, easy to maintain, and durable.
  8. Plumbing Fixtures: Certified water saving.
  9. Glass Walls and Doors: Manufactured locally by Techniwall® in Montreal.

Nanuk waterproof protective cases are distributed in 50 countries and used by photo/video/drone, medical, technology, industrial, marine, outdoor sports, law enforcement, and military professionals and enthusiasts.

With a line of more than 30 sizes, and quickly growing the brand has more than 1,200 SKUs through accessories, custom-cut inserts, internal protection, and more.

About Plasticase and Nanuk

The Nanuk brand is owned and operates corporately as Plasticase Inc. of Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada. Plasticase’s mission is to design, engineer, and manufacture high-quality injection molded cases that protect valuable equipment. Nanuk waterproof protective cases are trusted by professionals worldwide to organize, protect and mobilize mission-critical gear, instrumentation, and equipment in unforgiving environments. For more information go to:

Dennis Piretra - VP Marketing
(450) 628-1006, ext. 225 or 1-800-783-6883, ext. 225
twitter: @nanukcase