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Waterpoof Hard cases - The Best protective case IP67 Rated

Waterpoof Hard cases - The Best protective case IP67 Rated

NANUK cases are designed to keep water and dust out, no matter what. They’re also extremely durable - they won’t deform or fatigue under pressure. You can trust them to perform in any environment.

For complete protection against dust and water immersion. We guarantee our products will not leak even if submerged up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes!

Organize, Protect and Carry

NANUK cases come in all shapes and sizes, from small cases only a few inches long, suitable for small gear and valuable items, right up to large equipment cases, intended for industrial gear. It's important to consider size, features and weight when shopping for a hard case.

Larger ones are relatively heavy and bulky to transport but are able to safely store a lot of equipment and are also available with wheels and handles. Smaller cases are lightweight ideal for one or two items. Also, consider what you'll use your case for, as this affects the amount of cushioning you need between items.

Waterproof Hard Cases - Rugged Protection

Standard cases with internal organizers provide adequate protection for most purposes. These cases are dust-tight, water-resistant, and well-suited options for tools, OEM integration, military, medical, MRO, measuring equipment, or any other industrial uses. However, if embarking on an expedition that involves travel on poor roads, off-roading, canoeing sailing, or extreme weather - you need a hard case certified waterproof to IP67 that's able to withstand heavy loads. These cases float and don't leak even when submerged to three feet for 30 minutes. Additionally, they're so strong that a vehicle can drive over them and can drop from a height without harming your equipment.

Protect your sensitive and valuable gear with hard, waterproof cases that withstand serious knocks and extreme weather. Find the right one for your application in our product selection - many sizes are available. With NANUK, you're guaranteed a waterproof case that will keep your gear safe and dry - no matter what!


NANUK cases can be submerged in up to 1 m of water for a period of 30 minutes without leakage or damage of any sort.


Simulated rainfall lasts 20-minute​s​ per case side at a rate of 10​ ​cm/hr. During a second test, rain falls at a rate of 10​ ​cm/hr while the case is heated 18 degrees F higher than the water​’s​ temperature. The second test lasts 4 hours. No water finds its way in.


The case is submerged in a basin of water 1​ ​m deep for 1 hour. For this test, the case is heated to 40 degrees F higher than the water​’s​ temperature. Again, NANUK easily withstands these extreme conditions.


NANUK protective cases are sought after for search and rescue missions, marine transportation, and diving. This is due to its reliable waterproofing, which resists deformation and fatigue. NANUK ensures a long-lasting, watertight seal - nothing gets in.

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These hard waterproof case IPX rating MIL-STD810F immersion test hard waterproof case watertight case waterproof case hard waterproof case watertight seal hard heavy-duty outer shell was designed with all this in mind.

Rated best hard-shell waterproof cases on the market today these features make it an essential tool for law enforcement officers military personnel professional divers outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who needs to transport valuable hard watertight equipment in the field.

NANUK is a great option if you’re looking for protection from weather conditions or even small spills of liquids such as rain puddles mud puddles snow ice coffee spilled soda or anything else that could damage your gear while you're out and about outdoors at sporting events concerts conventions tradeshows hunting fishing rafting boating camping or hiking. We offer a wide range of hard waterproof case sizes and models including custom sizing for waterproof cases.

The Best hard-shell waterproof cases on the market today that can stand up to extreme conditions without any damage or problems in performance at all these features make it an essential tool for protecting camera gear, drone equipment, laptops, measuring equipment and much more valuable gear!