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NANUK designs and build their cases for unforgiving environments. Where better to do that than in Canada? NANUK believes that there’s no better setting than the cold, harsh conditions of Canada to make cases that protect valuable equipment.

Wheeled Cases

When it comes to moving large quantities of gear, the process can seem daunting. That element of hassle is amplified when transporting a large amount of fragile or sensitive equipment through harsh environments or busy urban centers.

First Aid kit cases

Don't get caught without the first aid supplies you need. With a quality case, you'll have everything you need quickly at the ready. Learn more about NANUK's empty first aid cases and discover how to find the right one for you.

Gun Cases

Let's break down some of the best hard cases with TSA locking, which have been specially designed for assault rifles, ARs, shotguns, pistols, and handguns.

Medical Hard Cases by NANUK

NANUK safeguards for medical equipment

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