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NANUK Patents

NANUK Patents

Plasticase Inc. values and enforces its intellectual property. This includes enforcing and/or licensing its patents as needed. 

Plasticase's products are covered by the following U.S. patents.

Other U.S. patents may be pending. These products may also be covered by one or more patents granted or pending in other countries. 

Carrying case with locking latch mechanism - Powerclaw latch - All NANUK cases 
U.S. Patent number: 8297464
Abstract: A carrying case includes a top case shell hinged to a bottom case shell which may be maintained in a closed position by a double throw, triple action latch mechanism comprising a latch body pivotally mounted to the bottom case shell, a latch locking element pivotally mounted to the latch body and a latch release coupled to the latch body. With the case in the closed position, the latch locking element engages a seat formed in the top case shell and clamps the two shells together. After moving the latch release to a release position, the latch body may be pivoted relative to the bottom case shell to permit disengagement of the latch locking mechanism from the top shell, allowing the case to be opened. 

Ornamental Design - Case with side latches - NANUK 903,904,905,908 
U.S. Patent number: D578759 

Ornamental Design - Case - NANUK 909,910,915,918,920,923,925,930,933,940,945,950,960
U.S. Patent number: D579202

Ornamental Design - Case - NANUK NANO 310,320,330
U.S. Patent number: D733429

Ornamental Design - Case – NANUK 985,990,995
U.S. Patent number: D779,822

Ornamental Design - Case – NANUK 963,965
U.S. Patent number: D898,357

Ornamental Design - Case – NANUK 968,970
U.S. Patent number: D898,358 

Plasticase's products are covered by the following EU patents.

Other EU patents may be pending. 

Carrying case with locking latch mechanism - Powerclaw latch - All NANUK cases 
EU Patent number: 2130451

European Community Design Patent - Case - NANUK NANO 310,320,330
EU Patent number: 002424622-0001

Plasticase's products are covered by the following Chinese patents.

Other Chinese patents may be pending.

Chinese Design Patent - NANUK NANO 310,320,330
Chinese Patent number: ZL201430075000.9

Chinese Design Patent - NANUK 990,995
Chinese Patent number: ZL 201630014542.4