The sky is no longer the limit

offering safety in transport without any added bulk

Whether it be rain, travel on a plane, or day-to-day life, NANUK hard cases ensure that your gear arrives in perfect condition, ready to roll wherever the action takes you!

The Best Hard Case for DJI™ Mavic Mini / Mini SE

The DJI Mini, Mini 2 and Mini SE bring unparalleled value to the table when it comes to ultra-compact, yet extremely capable folding drones. With so much power in a small package, it becomes important to transport the drone in a case that offers the best protection from the elements wherever the drone may go.

The baseline offering of the DJI™ Mavic Mini has become a go-to option for drone operators looking to take a leap into the new world of foldable compact aerial options. The Mavic Mini became a trusty aerial tool for drone pilots of all kinds, young and old, casual and professional. 

If the Mavic Mini is the tool, then the NANUK Mavic Mini and Mini SE hard case is the rugged and reliable toolbox that keeps everything safe and organized in an ultra-durable hard case layout. The NANUK DJI Mavic Mini / Mini SE hard case allows you to keep your drone with you at all times, ready for any adventure, while having the peace of mind knowing that your Mini is safe from anything life can throw at it. Keep your Mini / Mini SE safe and sound with the NANUK DJI™ Mini / Mini SE hard case.

Hard Case for DJI™ Mavic Mini 2

The DJI Mavic Mini 2 stepped up the game when it came to the DJIline up of compact foldable drones, adding new capability to an extremely versatile platform.

The Mavic Mini 2 might appear similar to the original Mini airframe, however the contents inside opens a world of new possibilities, much like a NANUK hard case full of drone accessories.

Superior design

don't compromise on gear protection

You want a setup that works seamlessly with the Mini 2, allowing for ease of use, safety in transport, and unparalleled levels of protection with NANUK’s NK-7 resin design. Have peace of mind knowing that NANUK cases will take whatever is thrown at them in the most rugged environments, while keeping your drone safe and ready to (don’t understand the “go within” phrase)

Hard Case for DJI™ Mini 2 Fly More

The NANUK hard case for the DJI™ Mini 2 Fly More combo, offers the best of both worlds. It keeps the Mini 2 safe when it counts, but also adds so much more space for activities... And by activities we mean the additional accessories in the Fly More Combo that allows you to stay in the air longer, capturing the action when it counts. The NANUK Mini 2 Fly More case adds additional carry capacity and increases the flexibility of the drone by transporting the additional batteries and flight accessories.

Additionnal mobility

carrying your drone

It’s like adventuring organized, the NANUK hard case keeps the combo gear stowed away in custom built foam inserts ready to go at a moment’s notice. No more untangling cables as the action passes by, the drone is ready to go airborne without delay when you transport your Mini 2 Fly More setup in a NANUK hard case.

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