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As the DJI™ RTK 2 system supports a wide range of drones within the DJI™ line, the NANUK Hard Case for the DJI™ RTK ground station is the perfect supporting peripheral element. The NANUK hard case is a highly adaptable option for the RTK system that is as modular as the drone fleet that it supports. 


The NANUK Hard Case for the DJI™ RTK Ground Station and Ground Station RTK 2, is the one-stop option for DJI™’s GNSS line of ground stations. As the ground module component of the hyper-specific geolocation system of DJI™’s RTK system, this operational setup is crucial for those that need pinpoint accurate mapping and location systems for their drone operations.

The DJI™ RTK system can be a bit of a daunting proposition from an equipment perspective, requiring multiple load-outs for both the drone platform and the ground control station. The NANUK DJI™ RTK Ground Station hard case streamlines the logistics of your RTK operations, offering both a rugged and highly flexible hard case option, allowing you ease the way the gear is transported.

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The NANUK Hard Case line for the RTK system is available with wheels, should transport in tight spaces be required, in more dense and urban environments. The laser cut, custom designed foam inserts function to store your RTK Ground Station and accessories as specifically as the global positioning systems that it houses within. Keep your sensitive DJI™ RTK Ground Station equipment protected, organized and ready to go with the NANUK Hard Case for the DJI™ RTK and RTK 2 Ground Station

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