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The DJI™ Matrice 300 RTK is built as the ultimate aerial platform for commercial and first responder use. With a wide range of configurations, the DJI™ Matrice 300 RTK has the ability to operate with multiple cameras, thermal sensors in extremely harsh environments.

The Best Hard Case For DJI™ Matrice 300 RTK

As a drone that is built for long duration use in the field, the NANUK Hard Case lineprovides multiple options to safely store and transport that platform. When the conditions require the DJI™ Matrice 300 RTK to be available at a moment’s notice, NANUK's Case offers the most durable and flexible options, regardless of environment or weather conditions. 

The primary purpose of the DJI™ Matrice 300 RTK is to bring multiple aerial platform options to the table for professional and first responder operations.
When conditions can rapidly change in the field, it becomes incredibly important to have all equipment at the ready whenever it is required.

All In One Place


A flight could possibly require both a standard camera, and an additional thermal site, or could involve operations at extreme ranges. The NANUK Hard Case for the DJI™ Matrice 300 RTK becomes an aerial toolbox, transporting the DJI™ Matrice equipment in a durable and rugged case design. The case has the ability to carry the haul, controllers, extra batteries, and multiple camera options. The NANUK Hard Case line allows you to maintain focus on operations when it counts.

Additionnal mobility

carrying your accessories

The NANUKBattery Hard Case for the DJI™ Matrice 300 RTK functions as an additional support module. The go-to option for transporting up to 15 TB50 or TB55 batteries within. This greatly increases operational time, extending flight to hours in length. The ultra-tough, rugged and reliable case will keep the sensitive lithium-ion batteries stored safe and sound, in any environment that you might find yourself operating in.

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