Protect, Organize and Carry

Mobile peace of mind

Much like the DJI™ rig, the NANUK DJI™ FPV case carries the design ethos of rapid deployment and use, allowing the operator to safely transport the extensive gear needed for FPV flight in an organized layout, allowing for ease of use, safety and rapid operation.

The Best Hard Case for DJI™ FPV Combo Drone

When it comes to commercially available drones, the DJI FPV is a unique beast. It offers shear speed and maneuverability that is unmatched by any other drone in the DJI line up, all in a single, concise off the shelf package. The DJI FPV drone was built to enable users to quickly get into flight operations without the tinkering and fine tuning that was traditionally needed with FPV rigs.

Hard Case For DJI™ FPV Combo Drone

Unlike many consumer drones, the DJI™ FPV platform is unique in the gear required for flight operations. In addition to the drone hull and accessories, the FPV, or First-Person view goggles require additional case capacity to transport the fragile optical display. The NANUK DJI™ FPV case is built off of the 925 hard case platform, keeping overall size and bulk to a minimum, while maximizing carry capacity.

Mobile Protection

With special designed foam inserts, the case creates designated slots for the DJI™ FPV drone hull (with battery installed), along with 2 additional batteries, controller, DJI™ FPV 2 Goggles, propellers, Battery Charging Hub, and additional l slots for the DJI™ Motion joystick controller as well as additional cable accessories. 

When a drone is purpose built for speed, it only makes sense to transport the equipment in a hard case that backs it up. The NANUK DJI™ FPV case offers the highest level of protection, while keeping the drone safe, sorted and organized, ready to go at a moment’s notice.